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Celebrate 100 Days of School

Very soon your school will be celebrating the 100th day of school. There are many ways to mark this event with Creative Math Practice, Writing Fun, Art and Craft ideas and lots of Exciting Group Activities.  Happy 100th Day of School to you and your class!

Creative Math Activities
  1. Create a construction paper pizza and have the children glue on 100 toppings. Count how many of each topping is on the pizza!
  2. Hide 100 treats (Hershey's Kisses etc.) around the room and have a scavenger hunt.
  3. Recite multiplication facts (up to 10 x 10) with your eyes closed.
  4. Have the students estimate where they would end up by taking 100 steps.
  5. In 100 seconds I can:________ list of activities (push-ups, jump rope etc.)
  6. Have them to bring in 100 of something.
  7. Fill containers with a different number of items and have the students guess how much is in each container and which has 100!
  8. Have the students flip a coin 100 times and make a chart of how many times heads/tails came up. 
  9. Roll a pair of dice 100 times and tally how many times each number came up.
  10. Do a dot-to-dot puzzle with 100 numbers.
  11.  Collect pennies, have the class count them and separate into piles of 100. Donate money to your classroom’s favorite charity.
  12. Figure out how many ways you can use coins to make 100 cents!
  13. Guess how much 100 jellybeans weights, separate them by color and find out the most common color, then eat the Roll a die and have the students color in the same number of boxes of a work sheet that they rolled until they reach 100!
  14. Have the students count out 100 popcorn kernels and have them estimate how many kernels will pop (count the ones that didn’t).
  15. Estimate which is heavier, 100 nickels or 100 quarters.
  16. Calculate what year you will turn 100!
  17. Solve 100 Math Problems.
  18. Estimate how many cups of popped popcorn 100 Kernels would make. Then pop the kernels and measure it.
  19. Estimate how far we can go walking by walking 100 steps
  20. Measure the amount of water in 100 melted ice cubes.
  21. Celebrate 100 days of school with Math Fun sheets. Click here to download sheets!
  22. Challenge children to locate on a map all the cities that are 100 miles away from yours.
  23. Ask children to estimate what the date will be in 100 days and to check their estimates on a calendar.
  24. Challenge students to think of as many addition problems as they can with a sum of 100.
  25. Ask kids to measure the amount of water in 100 melted ice cubes.
  26. "I can color, count and add 100 shapes" activity. Click here to download activity sheet!

    Fun Writing Prompts and Language Arts Activities
  27. 100 things the students wish they had!
  28. 100 things they love about school!
  29. 100 things they want to accomplish before they’re 100!
  30. Have the students make a list of 100 words they can spell.
  31. Write a story about “what you would do” with $100. Click here to download story sheet!
  32. Have the students write 100 sight words.
  33. Ask the students to find out what happened on this day in history 100 years ago.
  34. Have the students cut out the letters of “one hundred” separately. Have them arrange the letters to spell out different words and call them out and add them to the list!
  35. Write a story that is 100 words.
  36. Write 100 words in 10 different categories. Can you name 10 different foods? 10 number words? 10 animals?
  37. Write about a famous person who was born 100 years ago.
  38. Ask each student write a story beginning; “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you 100 times.”
  39. Write about a famous person who was born 100 years ago.
  40. Complete the sentence: “If I could travel in time and go back 100 years, I would…”
  41. Try to see how many words students could make out of the words "One Hundred".
  42. "I can collect and estimate" activity. Click here to download activity sheet!

    Arts & Crafts
  43. Create a piece of art using 100 toothpicks and 100 gum drops.
  44. Make 100 Day glasses. Click to download template!
  45. Make monsters with 100 googly eyes.
  46. Decorate crazy 100th day hats.
  47. Draw a picture using the number 100.
  48. Have the children draw a self-portrait of what they look like now and what they will look like in 100 years. Click to download activity sheet!
  49. Dress up like you’re 100!
  50. Fruitloop Necklace with 100 fruitloops on it!
  51. Trace 100 hands and glue them to a poster.
  52. Make a 100 hands collage with hand paint.
  53. Glue 100 Gold fish to a construction paper fishbowl.
  54. Have the students make a mosaic of 100 small squares of paper.
  55. Have students make a Solar System bulletin with 100 star cutouts!
  56. Make paper chain links in groups of 10 or make one long paper chain of 100 links. Mix up the colors for some added fun!
  57. Children can draw the numbers 1-0-0 with crayon, trace with glue and add sand.
  58. Make paper chain links in groups of 10. Use different colored paper for extra fun.
  59. Ask the students to make a self-portrait of what they will look like in 100 years using torn paper to make a wrinkle effect for the skin!
  60. Provide materials for kids to make 100 snowflakes.
  61. Dip a Q-Tip in paint to make a 100-dot piece of artwork. 
  62. Create "I am 100 days smarter Crown". Click here to download template!
  63. Create My 100th day book.  Click here to download template!
  64. Color 100th Day poster. Click here to download poster!
  65. Draw 100 Things activity. Click here to download activity sheet!

    Group Activities
  66. How many licks to the center of a tootsie pop. Count..more than 100 or less?
  67. 100 Piece Puzzle as a class (have a few students at a time work together). Add a twist and they can add a piece after answering a question correctly.
  68. 100 Piece puzzle race! Divide the class and give each team a 100 piece puzzle. See which team can finish theirs first!
  69. Research what happened in the world 100 years ago on this day.
  70. Build a 100 Cup structure using red solo cups.
  71. Have the students make a chain of paperclips and measure how long it is...than a chain of Pencils
  72. Pin the zero on the 100. Blind fold the students and give them a “0” with tape on the back and have them try and put it in the right spot.
  73. Prepare a string that is 100cm long and ask the students to find objects in the classroom that are 100cm long/tall.
  74. Have the students work together to write 100 places they would like to visit!
  75. Build a project using 100 Lego blocks.
  76. Build a project with 100 pattern blocks.
  77. Work with a partner to bounce a ball 100 times.
  78. Jump rope 100 times or alternate jumping with a friend to get to 100.
  79. Run the 100-yard dash. For younger children, try running 100 feet.
  80. Alternate hopping on one foot, then the other, then two feet to get to 100.
  81. Try using a hula hoop while counting to 100.
  82. Learn a game students played 100 years ago.
  83. As a group, write 100 compound words.
  84. Try to do 100 sit-ups or push-ups!
  85. Go on a nature hike and collect 100 items. Then bring them back to class and create a piece of art, or story around them.
  86. List 100 flavors of ice cream, either real, or invented. Then celebrate with an ice cream social.
  87. Make a class book...I could eat 100....
  88. Have a treat at the 100th minute of school.
  89. Make several bags of items and have the students guess which bag has 100 items.
  90. Measure how far the children can fly a paper airplane. Have them guess if it will go 100 inches or 100 feet, and then measure.
  91. Learn to play a game that children played 100 years ago.
  92. Collect 100 thumb prints from different people. Make sure you use washable ink and a poster board.
  93. Together with your students, learn to say one hundred in another language.
  94. With kids, make a 100th day snack, using 100 raisins, 100 M&Ms, 100 pieces of cereal, 100 banana slices, and so on.
  95. On separate index cards, write the numerals 1 through 100. Shuffle the cards, and have children put the numerals in order.
  96. Ask each child to bring to school one thing that represents 100 -- a $1 bill, a 100-watt lightbulb, a picture of an athlete wearing number 100, and so on.
  97. Ask each student to write 100 on a piece of drawing paper and incorporate the numeral into a drawing.
  98. Have kids put 100 words in alphabetical order.
  99. Invite someone 100 years old to visit the classroom.
  100. And everyone’s favorite: Stay silent for 100 seconds, and then yell “Happy 100th Day of School!”