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Free Activities & Printables

    Download any of these activities for extra practice or to help struggling
 students with Math or Grammar. We also have free printables for teachers.       


DR. SEUSS ACTIVITY SHEETS                                                             

Dr. Seuss Maze 1                              Dr. Seuss Coloring Sheet 1
Dr. Seuss Maze 2                              Dr. Seuss Coloring Sheet 2
Dr. Seuss Rhyming Sheet                     Dr. Seuss Coloring Sheet 3
Dr. Seuss Word Search                      Dr. Seuss Coloring Sheet 4
Green Eggs & Ham Worksheet            Dr. Seuss Coloring Sheet 5
Dr. Seuss Rockin Socks                        Dr. Seuss Coloring Sheet 6
                                                          Dr. Seuss Coloring Sheet 7


Valetine's Day Wordsearch                                   Valentine's Tic Tac Toe
Candy Hearts Estimation                                      Make-A-Fish Valentine
Fun With Candy Hearts                                        My Heart Is Full Writing Sheet
Valentine's Coloring Sheet                                    Valentine's Day Mad Libs
Valentine's Day Maze                                           Valentine's Word Puzzle

Hearts 100 Squares                                             Candy Heart Math



Famous Black Americans Wordsearch                    What's Your Dream?
My Mini Book of Famous African Americans            Illustrate Your Own MLK Book
MLK Wordsearch                                                                         4 Facts About MLK Jr.
MLK Jr. Coloring Sheet                                                            MLK Character Sheet
Make MLK Jr.'s Dreams Come True


Math Minutes #1                      from CTP2583 First-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minutes #2                      from CTP2584 Second-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minutes #3                      from CTP2585 Third-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minutes #4                      from CTP2586 Fourth-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minutes #5                      from CTP2587 Fifth-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minutes #6                      from CTP2595 Middle-Grade Math Minutes

180 Days of Math #1                from SEP50803 180 Days of Math Gr. K
180 Days of Math #2                from SEP50804 180 Days of Math Gr. 1
180 Days of Math #3                from SEP50805 180 Days of Math Gr. 2
180 Days of Math #4                from SEP50806 180 Days of Math Gr. 3
180 Days of Math #5                from SEP50807 180 Days of Math Gr. 4
180 Days of Math #6                from SEP50808 180 Days of Math Gr. 5
180 Days of Math #7                from SEP50802 180 Days of Math Gr. 6

Math Analogies #1                   from CTB8501 Math Analogies Gr. K
Math Analogies #2                   from CTB8502 Math Analogies Gr. 2


Grammar Minutes #1                      from CTP6119 First-Grade Grammar Minutes
Grammar Minutes #2                      from CTP6120 Second-Grade Grammar Minutes
Grammar Minutes #3                      from CTP6121 Third-Grade Grammar Minutes
Grammar Minutes #4                      from CTP6122 Fourth-Grade Grammar Minutes
Grammar Minutes #5                      from CTP6123 Fifth-Grade Grammar Minutes
Grammar Minutes #6                      from CTP6124 Sixth-Grade Grammar Minutes



180 Days of Reading #1                   from SEP50921 180 Days of Reading Gr. K
180 Days of Reading #2                   from SEP50922 180 Days of Reading Gr. 1
180 Days of Reading #3                   from SEP50923 180 Days of Reading Gr. 2
180 Days of Reading #4                   from SEP50924 180 Days of Reading Gr. 3
180 Days of Reading #5                   from SEP50925 180 Days of Reading Gr. 4
180 Days of Reading #6                   from SEP50926 180 Days of Reading Gr. 5
180 Days of Reading #7                   from SEP50927 180 Days of Reading Gr. 6



180 Days of Language #1                   from SEP51172 180 Days of Language Gr. K
180 Days of Language #2                   from SEP51166 180 Days of Language Gr. 1
180 Days of Language #3                   from SEP51167 180 Days of Language Gr. 2
180 Days of Language #4                   from SEP51168 180 Days of Language Gr. 3
180 Days of Language #5                   from SEP51169 180 Days of Language Gr. 4
180 Days of Language #6                   from SEP51170 180 Days of Language Gr. 5
180 Days of Language #7                   from SEP51171 180 Days of Language Gr. 6



180 Days of Writing #1                   from SEP51523 180 Days of Writing Gr. K
180 Days of Writing #2                   from SEP51524 180 Days of Writing Gr. 1
180 Days of Writing #3                   from SEP51525 180 Days of Writing Gr. 2
180 Days of Writing #4                   from SEP51526 180 Days of Writing Gr. 3
180 Days of Writing #5                   from SEP51527 180 Days of Writing Gr. 4
180 Days of Writing #6                   from SEP51528 180 Days of Writing Gr. 5
180 Days of Writing #7                   from SEP51529 180 Days of Writing Gr. 6



Mind Benders #1                                from CTB1328 Mind Benders Gr. PreK
Mind Benders #2                                from CTB1330 Mind Benders Gr. 1
Think-a-Minutes #1                            from CTB101 Think-a-Minutes Gr. 2
Think-a-Minutes #2                            from CTB102 Think-a-Minutes Gr. 2


WRITING SHEETS                   

Winter Themed Writing Sheet                   
St. Patrick's Themed Writing Sheet
Dr. Seuss Writing Sheet           



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