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Botley the Coding Robot


I'm easy to use
out of the box

I have a 77-piece
activity set

I'm 100%
screen free

I grow with your
coding skills

Let's Get Started!

Never coded before? No problem. I'm ready
to use right out of the box and I will have
your kids coding in minutes. I can be
introduced to children as young as 5, but
I grow with them 
as well - so we'll have
many fun years together!

   Endless Activities, Endless Fun

   Coding cards, detachable arms interactive
   obstacles, coding games, and more - with
   my 77-pieces, there are endless hours of
   fun to be had. So see what I can do
   because I'm always up for the challenge.

Screen Free, Yippeeeeee

That's right, you can learn to code and do
it completely screen free - no phone or
tablet required. I have an easy to use
remote programmer, which transmits
your commands and off I'll go! 

   Look What I Can Do!

   With my advanced features, I grow along
   with your kids' coding skills. Code me for up
   to 120 steps, loop me and program me to go
   around objects with my if/then logic. Turn on
   the black-line follow mode and set up a path
   for me to travel. And that's not all - I even
   have hidden features to unlock!