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- Fall Crafts -

You will need:

• Paper plates
Red, Yellow, and Green Construction Paper - PACS8403, PACS6103, PACS8003
Red, Yellow, and Green Paint - HA211720, HA211710, HA211745
Wiggle Eyes - AC347402
Red Pom Pon - AC811007
Red Craft Stem - AC711206
• Hole Punch - BAZ3200-24
Glue Sticks - DIX15091
• White Yarn
• Apple


How To:

• Cut the apple in half and dip into the red, yellow, or green paint
• Stamp the apple onto the paper plate (repeat with different colors)
• Punch holes in the edges of the plates and tie together with yarn
• Cut out feet shapes from the construction paper and glue to plates
• Attach wiggle eyes, pom pons, and craft stems to make the face