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Wordly Wise

Did you know that one of the key indicators of your child's' success in school, on
standardized tests, and indeed, in life, is their vocabulary?

The reason for this is simply that the knowledge anyone has about a topic is based on
the vocabulary of that information (Marzano & Pickering). With vocabulary being a key
factor of success, it is very important to invest in building your child's word base. The
Wordly Wise 3000 series is our #1 vocabulary building series. However, the series is
much more than learning vocabulary. Parents and educators are saying that the series
helps kids,"think critically about what they read, to reason, to make connections, and to
improve their comprehension skills." In addition, the vocabulary they are learning is
frequently encountered on tests such as the ACT, PSAT, SAT and other state tests.
It's easy to see why educators and parents love this series.