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Test Prep Series

Did you know that The School Box is the #1 supplier of the Barron Test Prep series
in the country. Why is that so? We gathered educators across Georgia, to help us
find the best test prep book series for the Georgia Milestones Test and hands down
the Barron Test Prep series ranked the highest among educators.

What makes this series the top test prep book for the Georgia Milestones? These
books give plenty of examples and practice of the type of questions that are on the
Georgia Milestones test. 

  • Open-ended (constructed-response) items in English Language Arts
    and Mathematics

  • A writing component (in response to passages read by students)
  • Multiple-choice items 

Most Test Prep books on the market today only give multiple choice examples and
are out-dated. The Georgia Milestones test is not simply a multiple choice test. The
students need to respond to questions and this series gives hundreds of practice
questions complete with detailed answers. In order to adequately prepare for the
Georgia Milestones Test, it is important that your child practices many different
question formats, including short answer and extended response. Educators and

parents are saying, "the Barron Test Prep series is a must for every child taking a
standardized test this year."